Use Fiverr to Supercharge Your Crypto Blogging

By Raj

When I first got into crypto blogging, I was pretty sure I didn’t know how to do everything needed to be done to get a blog up-and-running at full speed.

It turned out I was right, I really didn’t.

Sure, I ended up handling almost everything on my own, including site setup, writing and SEO. However, when it came to certain design elements for the site and images, I knew I needed some serious help.

For the record, me trying to use Photoshop is like an accountant trying to use an asphalt paver. 

When I learned that there’s a one stop website like Fiverr where you can go, get a myriad of services related to crypto blogging and get them at a very reasonable price, I was thrilled.  

Whether you’re currently a crypto blogger or thinking about getting into crypto blogging, chances are a time will come when you need some creative or technical help with your blog.

I’ve worked with Fiverr freelancers for a few years and also tested out a few of the platform’s competitors. I can say with conviction that for me, Fiverr is the best place to get the job done.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects skilled freelance workers with individuals and businesses.

It got its name from the concept that its services across the board were originally $5. However, nowadays you’ll pay more than that in many instances, depending on the service.

Some of the helpful services the platform offers to crypto bloggers include design, writing, proofreading and SEO.

Fiverr is global, so it’s conceivable and likely that if you engage services from a freelancer on the site, they’ll be in another country. They might even be on the opposite side of the world from you.

I love this concept, as you’re often giving work to a talented individual in a part of the world where jobs and income may not come as easily as they do in the western world.

When you do find and connect with a freelancer you’re considering hiring, you get to have a virtual conversation with them. This is where you can chat about the nature of the service you’re requesting and the exact results for which you’re looking.

You’re free to send a variety of samples, links, descriptions, etc. to ensure there’s clarity about the creative direction between you and the creator you’re hiring.

Only after a thorough vetting of the freelancer with whom you’re going to work do you then hit the payment button.   

What’s great about Fiverr as a tool for crypto blogging is that it’s close to, if not actually, a one stop shop for the services you may need now or in the future.

Fiverr Website Design

If you’re launching a blog and you’re currently lacking the skills, time or wherewithal to set up a new website yourself, then Fiverr might have the answer.

The site has thousands of well-established, well-reviewed freelancers who will design a clean and professional site using WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or another major website builder.

You can easily find a designer who will pay attention to things like UI/UX, responsive design, e-commerce integrations and other design-related requirements you may have.

You can also hire a designer to do simpler tasks like create a landing page for your existing site, fix bugs or add code where needed.

If you’re not a web designer, or someone who has a good amount of experience with a website builder, it’s invaluable to have someone at your disposal who can help you.

Depending on the service you require, prices for Fiverr website design freelancers start around $10 and can reach several hundred dollars, on average.

Fiverr Writing

When it comes to crypto blogging, authenticity and quality of writing both matter. If you’re an expert in your subject, your blog will probably be at its best if you write all of your own posts.

However, as any veteran blogger knows, when you want to scale up, a freelance writer who understands your site’s content and can write quality posts for you is invaluable.

There are many Fiverr writing freelancers who have the skill to write crypto, DeFi, NFT, metaverse and other related content for your blog.

Many of these writers can write content that’s well-researched, well-structured and SEO optimized.

When you’re looking to double, triple or otherwise exponentially increase the amount of content on your blog, these writers are exactly what you need.

You can find writers who charge as little $5 for a 500-word article. However, you’ll really have to do your research on their knowledge of the subject and writing ability level.

Top quality Fiverr writing freelancers with extensive crypto blogging experience and top ratings/reviews can charge upwards of $75 for a 1,000-word article.

Fiverr Graphic Design

Whether you’re looking for a logo, a banner, a blog image or another form of graphic design element for your crypto blogging needs, a Fiverr graphic design freelancer can deliver.

A lot of websites nowadays are ultra-minimalist and forgo a logo for simple text. However, a well-designed logo can speak to your professionalism and further give your readers a sense of what your site is and does.

Banners can be a great addition to your site, especially if you plan to promote your own e-book, consulting services or other specialized product.

Of course, a good, customized blog image can exponentially enhance the lure of a blog post. A quality graphic designer can help to create something more original and memorable than an image you’d find on a stock photo site.

Typically, you can hire a Fiverr graphic design freelancer starting $5 for basic elements, with prices going up into the $200+ range for more complex designs.

Fiverr Proofreading

There’s nothing worse than going through the painstaking effort to get readers to your site and then present them spelling, grammar and syntax error-riddled articles.

As a crypto blogger, clean, professional and error-free copy is the very least you owe your audience.

Fiverr proofreading services are a cheap and easy way to ensure your blog posts are in tip-top shape and don’t trip up your readers.

You can find proofreaders who go above and beyond. They check for things like clarity of subject matter, passive voice and overall consistency in style and tone.

Finding a Fiverr proofreading freelancer who does 1000 words for $5 is usually possible, though you might have to pay a little more.

Fiverr SEO

As an affiliate crypto blogger, SEO is one of the cornerstones of my traffic strategy.

I’m fairly adept at keyword research on Google keywords and Semrush. However, I know an SEO specialist can unearth much more powerful short and long tail keywords than I can.

A specialist can do on-page and off-page SEO, as well as provide SEO consulting, advising and mentoring services for your blog.

Fiverr SEO freelancers can also do white hat SEO backlinks and disavow negative backlinks to keep your crypto blogging site in top shape.

If you’re an SEO pro and have the time to do your own keyword research, you might not need a service like this.

If you do need help, Fiverr SEO can be as cheap as $10 for basic keywords and $500+ for larger audits, reports and monthly service.

Final Thoughts

No matter which way you look at it, crypto blogging is an adventure. And true adventures typically come with peaks and valleys.

At some point on your adventure, you’ll find yourself in a valley and in need of content, design services, help with some keywords or other matter. Fiverr is a great and affordable place to find the help for which you’re looking.

I’ve met talented Fiverr freelancers who I’ve worked with multiple times and will continue to use their invaluable services in the future.

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