100 Top Crypto Influencers Right Now

By Raj

More than ever before, today we rely on our top crypto influencers to shine a light on the ideas and concepts on which to focus our attention.

These individuals allow us to better understand things like:

  • The latest developments in new and mature blockchain projects
  • Macroeconomic factors affecting cryptocurrencies
  • Progress, or lack thereof, in crypto regulation
  • The latest and greatest NFT drops
  • Frauds, scandals and hacks in the blockchain space

And so much more.

These influencers not only bring us valuable information, but also keep us entertained, intrigued, and most importantly engaged and learning, during the good market times and bad.

Top Crypto Influencers

All of the blockchain influencers on this list are notable contributors, in one way or another, to the crypto space.

Do note that this list does not exclude those who view crypto in a negative light, or who have brought a dark cloud to the space via their actions.

For example, Charlie Munger has compared Bitcoin to “rat poison” and Sam Bankman-Fried has been brought up on federal fraud charges, but both individuals made the list due to their notable “influence” in the crypto space.

Also note that the top 100 crypto influencers are not ranked, but rather listed in alphabetical order.

This is meant to encourage you, the reader, to further research these individuals on your own.

Only then can you come to a reasonable conclusion about their importance in the crypto space and if they’re indeed worthy of your time.

The 100 Top Crypto Influencers List

Adams, Hayden

Inventor of the Uniswap protocol. Uniswap is the largest decentralized crypto exchange offering trading and automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. 

Albanese, Anthony

Managing Partner and COO at a16z Crypto, a venture capital fund that invests in crypto and Web3. He oversees the operating teams, including legal, regulatory, compliance, and more.

Alden, Lyn

Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, with a background in finance and engineering. She brings her audience a unique perspective on the markets.

Andreessen, Marc

Cofounder and general partner at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. The firm invests heavily in crypto networks and teams building in the crypto space.

Antonopolous, Andreas

Highly sought-after Bitcoin and open blockchain expert. Known for explaining crypto in a way that’s entertaining and easy to understand.

Aoki, Steve

American DJ and music producer who has released several Billboard-charting albums. A strong proponent and voice for crypto, NFTs and Web3.

Armstrong, Ben (a.k.a. BitBoy)

YouTuber, podcaster and crypto enthusiast who has gained a massive following in the space. One of the top Twitter crypto influencers.

Armstrong, Brian

American investor, billionaire and CEO of Coinbase. Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange, by volume, in the United States.

Arnold, Aaron

Co-founder and host, along with his brother Austin Arnold, of popular crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily.

Arnold, Austin

Co-founder and host, along with his brother Aaron Arnold, of popular crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily.

Assia, Yoni

Founder and CEO of eToro, a crypto investing platform with a social investment community.

Bankman-Fried, Sam

After the hellscape of 2022, a man who needs no introduction. But let’s do it anyway: formerly founder and CEO of crypto exchange FTX and trading firm Alameda Research.

Becker, Alex

Crypto entrepreneur and founder of the Neo Tokyo metaverse. Neo Tokyo consists of 2,021 unique NFT identities that were highly sought after upon launch in 2021. One of the top YouTube crypto influencers

Bent, Marty

Founder of TFTC, a media company focused on Bitcoin. Bent publishes a daily newsletter highlighting Bitcoin, macroeconomics and other information useful to the crypto community.

Bieber, Justin

Global pop music star who brought massive attention to the Bored Ape Yacht Club universe with his purchase of BAYC #3001 for 500 ETH.

Borget, Sebastien

Co-founder and COO of the Sandbox decentralized metaverse. He’s also the president of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Brady, Tom

American NFL football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Invested in and publicly promoted FTX prior to its collapse.

Broadus, Calvin (a.k.a. Snoop Dogg)

American rapper, media personality and entrepreneur. He’s released numerous NFTs on various platforms and has a partnership with The Sandbox metaverse.

Bukele, Nayib

The 43rd president of El Salvador. In 2021, he spearheaded the decision to have the country be the first in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

Burry, Michael

American investor who became famous for his housing and stock market crash predictions in 2008. He has and continues to make numerous predictions on Bitcoin and crypto.

Buterin, Vitalik

Russian-Canadian programmer and founder of Ethereum. Widely regarded as one of the most important and influential individuals in the crypto space.

Cowen, Benjamin

Engineer and founder of Into the Cryptoverse, which provides quantitative market analysis. Also provides high quality crypto education on his YouTube channel.

Cramer, Jim

American television personality, author and host of Mad Money on CNBC. Cramer’s views on crypto change with the tide, but he’s quite vocal about his opinions on the subject.

Cronje, Andre

Prolific software architect and coder known for his work on Yearn Finance. Current director of the Fantom Foundation.

Cuban, Mark

American entrepreneur, billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team. He’s invested extensively in crypto, including Polygon, OpenSea and ApeCoin.

Damon, Matt

American actor who has starred in films including The Talented Mr. Ripley and Rounders. Starred in a high-profile and now infamous commercial for Crypto.com.

Davis, Lark

Crypto investor and YouTuber who publishes a weekly Wealth Mastery Investor Report.

Deutscher, Miles

Crypto analyst, investor and YouTuber.

Dimon, Jamie

Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Though he’s praised blockchain technology, he’s a loudly vocal critic of cryptocurrencies.

Dixon, Chris

General partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Lead investment firm a16z crypto, which has billions under management.

Do-Hyung, Kwon

Co-founded Terraform Labs, parent company of TerraUSD and Luna coins which collapsed in 2022. Currently he’s a fugitive being sought after by the South Korean government.

Dorsey, Jack

Co-founder and CEO of Block, developer of the Square financial services platform. He’s a strong proponent of crypto and blockchain-related technology.

Draper, Tim

American venture capital investor who maintains bold predictions for Bitcoin’s price by 2024.

Emmer, Tom

Attorney, politician and U.S. representative for Minnesota’s 6th congressional district. Co-chair of the congressional blockchain caucus and steadfast in his support for the crypto industry.

Evans, Sheldon

Crypto influencer and YouTuber with a large following.

Ferguson, Robbie

Co-founder of Immutable, a platform for Web3 games. Immutable counts Disney and Marvel among its customers.

Findeisen, Stephen (a.k.a. Coffeezilla)

YouTuber who has built a large following exposing crypto scams. He famously grilled FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried on numerous occasions prior to his arrest.

Fink, Larry

American businessman and billionaire who is the CEO of BlackRock. The company recently unveiled a private trust to give clients exposure to crypto.

Garlinghouse, Brad

CEO at financial technology company Ripple Labs.

Gladstein, Alex

Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He lectures on Bitcoin and the future of money.

Haun, Kathryn

CEO and Founder of Haun Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on Web3. Previously she was a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.  

Henry, Casey (a.k.a. Crypto Casey)

Crypto YouTuber who focuses on simplifying hard-to-understand blockchain and digital currency concepts.

Horsley, Hunter

Co-founder and CEO at Bitwise Asset Management.

Hoskinson, Charles

Cofounder of Ethereum, Cardano, and the blockchain engineering firm Input Output Global.

Jikh, Andrei

YouTuber and social media influencer in the personal finance and crypto niches.

Johnson, Abigail

CEO of Fidelity Investments. Fidelity recently announced the upcoming launch of their crypto investment platform.

Jung, Brian

Investor, entrepreneur and influencer on the subjects of personal finance and crypto. Jung has more than one-million subscribers on YouTube.

LeClair, Dylan

Bitcoin expert and senior analyst at UTXO Management, a digital asset fund that invests in the emergent financial system.

Lee, Tom

Managing Partner and head of Research at Fundstrat, which provides market strategy and sector research. He’s perhaps best known as a CNBC contributor.

Leshner, Robert

Founder and CEO of Compound, an autonomous interest rate protocol built to power open financial applications.

Liljeqvist, Ivan (a.k.a. Ivan on Tech)

Crypto YouTuber and founder and Moralis Web3, which builds APIs for blockchain integration.

Lopp, Jameson

Bitcoin advocate, cypherpunk and software engineer. Co-founder and CEO of Casa, a Bitcoin storage company.

Lubin, Joseph

Co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, a leading blockchain software company.

Lyu, Johnny

CEO of Kucoin, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

Malinowski, Brett

A futurist and influencer whose content includes digital assets, Web3 and AI.

Marszalek, Kris

CEO of Crypto.com, a crypto exchange with more than 50 million customers.

Merten, Nicholas (a.k.a. DataDash)

Crypto YouTuber with more than half-a-million subscribers.

Mincu, Beniamin

Founder and CEO of MultiverseX, previously known as Elrond Network.

Moncada, Edward

Co-founder at Blockfolio and Protofund.

Morehead, Dan

CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment firm that specializes in cryptocurrencies.

Munger, Charlie

Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and a vocal critic of Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies.

Musk, Elon

CEO of Tesla and leading evangelist of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Nailwal, Sandeep

Co-founder at Polygon, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform.

Nakamoto, Satoshi

A pseudonym for the person or persons responsible for developing Bitcoin.

Nazarov, Sergey

Co-founder of Chainlink, a decentralized blockchain oracle network.

Neuner, Ran

Founder of Crypto Banter. One of the top YouTube crypto influencers.

Novogratz, Michael

CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, which focuses on cryptocurrency investments.

Paffrath, Kevin

YouTuber with a broad focus on macroeconomics, stocks, crypto and real estate.

Pal, Raoul

Investment strategist, economic historian and founder of Real Vision and Global Macro Investor.


Bitcoin analyst and creator of the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model. Formerly an institutional investor. One of the top Twitter crypto influencers.

Pompliano, Anthony

Bitcoin expert and evangelist. Publishes a daily newsletter that provides analysis on business, finance and tech industries.

Powell, Jesse 

Co-founder of Kraken, a US-based crypto exchange and bank.

Runefelt, Carl (a.k.a. The Moon)

Crypto YouTuber known for his high-end lifestyle.

Saylor, Michael

Bitcoin evangelist, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Microstrategy, an enterprise analytics platform.

Silbert, Barry

Founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, a conglomerate of crypto-focused companies.

Sirer, Emin Gün

Founder and CEO of Ava Labs, builder of the Avalanche blockchain.

Siu, Yat

Chairman of Animoca Brands, a blockchain game software company.

Solano, Greg

Co-founder of Yuga Labs, the company that created Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Stark, Elizabeth

CEO and founder of Lightening Labs, which is building a programmable financial layer for scalable Bitcoin transactions.

Streng, Marco Andreas

Co-founder of Genesis Group, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining operations.

Swope, Tyler (Chico Crypto)

Down-to-earth crypto YouTuber with more than three-hundred thousand subscribers.

Tenev, Vladamir

CEO of Robinhood, a trading and investing app for stocks and crypto.

Turner, Guy

The public persona of the YouTube channel Coin Bureau, which has more than two-million subscribers.

Vaynerchuck, Gary

CEO of Vayner Media, NFT entrepreneur and Web3 enthusiast.

Ver, Roger

Early investor in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related startups.

Voorhees, Erik

Founder of ShapeShift, a decentralized crypto exchange.

Wainman, Elliot (a.k.a. EllioTrades)

Crypto YouTuber and founder of The Superverse DAO. One of the top Twitter crypto influencers.

Warren, Sheila

CEO of Crypto Council for Innovation, a global alliance advancing crypto innovation.

Winkelmann, Mike (a.k.a. Beeple)

Graphic designer and NFT artist, notable for selling his Human One NFT for nearly twenty-nine million USD.

Winkelvoss, Cameron

Co-founder, along with this brother Tyler Winkelvoss, of the Gemini crypto exchange.

Winklevoss, Tyler

Co-founder, along with this brother Cameron Winkelvoss, of the Gemini crypto exchange.

Woo, Willy 

Bitcoin analyst who offers his followers a robust set of BTC-related charts.

Wood, Cathie

Founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, a firm that invests in disruptive technologies including digital currencies.

Wood, Gavin

One of the founders of Ethereum, founder of Polkadot, as well as other blockchain-related projects.

Wyatt, Ryan

American gaming executive and CEO of Polygon Studios.

Yakovenko, Anatoly

Russian computer engineer and co-founder of Solana Labs.

Yusko, Mark

CEO and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management. The firm is invested heavily in digital currencies, decentralized finance and NFTs.

Zduńczyk, Adrian (a.k.a. CryptoBirb)

Bitcoin trader and chart technician who runs several businesses related to trading education and blockchain education.

Zhao, Changpeng

Co-founder and CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. His recent public feud with Sam Bankman-Fried has been notable.

Zhu, Su

Founder of Three Arrows Capital, the first major hedge fund to go bankrupt during the 2022 crypto winter.

Top Crypto Influencers | Q & A

What is a top crypto influencer?

A top crypto influencer is typically someone who has built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise in the field of crypto.

On occasion, a crypto influencer may get by more on personality and less on knowledge and expertise.

As demonstrated by the list above, crypto influencers are not always pro-crypto. Businessmen like Jamie Dimon and Charlie Munger are anti-crypto, yet still have a big enough voice where what they say about crypto is loudly heard and matters.

How do you become one of the top crypto influencers?

If you aspire to become a top crypto influencer, the best thing to do is to thoroughly understand the subject matter which you want to share with your audience.

For example, you could ask Anthony Pompliano virtually anything about Bitcoin. He would more than likely know the answer, and then some. 

Once you have a degree of proficiency on your chosen subject matter, find your unique perspective on it.

Then, find a suitable platform or platforms to share your perspective: Twitter, blog, YouTube, etc.

The top crypto influencers didn’t achieve their success overnight, so be ready to put in the time, and work patiently and diligently.

Who are the top crypto influencers on Twitter?

Twitter is perhaps the epicenter of the crypto influencer universe. On it, you will find the biggest names in crypto.

Among the top Twitter crypto influencers are Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Pompliano, Jack Dorsey and Mike Novogratz.

There are many, many others and most of the people on the Top 100 list above have Twitter accounts.  

Who are the top crypto influencers on YouTube?

The top YouTube crypto influencers would certainly include names like Ben Armstrong, Elliot Wainman, Ran Neuner, and Aaron and Austin Arnold.

Who are the most controversial top crypto influencers?

As of late, Sam Bankman-Fried would make the top of the “controversial” list after the collapse of his exchange FTX and his subsequent arrest.

Also, high up on the controversial list would be Do Kwon of Terraform Labs and Su Zhu of Three Arrows Capital.

Final Thoughts

Top crypto influencers provide us with information, so that we may become better informed within a complex space.

It’s up to us to utilize these influencers and the information they provide as points of reference, and counterpoints against each other, so that we may then make informed decisions.

It’s always important to be aware that not every influencer has your best interests in mind. And on occasion, they are even acting in ways that are lacking in values and criminal.

Ultimately, quality information and good behavior prevail. When it comes to the top crypto influencers, the cream will always rise to the top.

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