Cryptocurrency Art That Dazzles | 17 Cool Canvases

By Raj

There are wants in life and needs in life. Cryptocurrency art falls squarely under the header of a want.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your needs covered, then surrounding yourself with cool artwork that reflects your crypto interests is an enticing option.

Even better, consider gifting such works to loved ones who are into crypto and will appreciate it.

I’ve purchased numerous crypto canvas art off of the list below for family and friends. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

And if my friends don’t like a gift, they’re certainly not shy to say so.

Reasons to Buy Cryptocurrency Art

We’re in a period of time where we intimately identify with the things in which we invest. Those things become part of the fabric of our own identity.

Our enjoyment and passion for crypto spreads out via word-of-mouth, social channels, the types of art we hang on our walls and the types of crafts we place on our coffee table.

Bitcoin canvas art and other crypto paintings let the guests in our home and the coworkers in our office know that we have a highly specific interest.

One that has changed us, and we believe will change the world.

When we gift crypto art, we make a bold statement to the recipient. That they have a particular interest that we recognize, support and honor.  

The positive reasons to own cryptocurrency art are innumerable:

  • Personal Enrichment: Art makes our life better by enriching the environment which we inhabit. It has the ability to evoke an emotion within us.
  • Prestige: Quality crypto art lends us a level of prestige, reflective of the art itself and what being into crypto signifies about us.
  • Investment: Good art, over time, has been proven to appreciate in value. An investment in Bitcoin canvas art now, for example, can potentially pay dividends in the future.
  • Quality Pieces: Artists who focus on crypto as their subject matter have increasingly been producing pieces that are of high quality. Many pieces feature interesting design, cool visual narratives and general appeal to the eyes.
  • Support of Artists: When you buy from these artists, you support their chosen endeavor. And you help to facilitate their continuous creativity while allowing them to spread the word about crypto.

How to Choose Cryptocurrency Art for Your Space

Any time you bring a piece of art into your space, you’re making a distinct choice.

A choice that’s not only going to impact the look and feel of your environment, but also the emotions of you and your guests.

As such, you should have a plan for how you’ll choose the cryptocurrency art you’ll display.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Consider Budget: If you’ve got plenty of funds, you can target noteworthy artists and fine galleries for the pieces you’ll acquire. If you’re on a tighter budget, prints from online retailers like Canvas Cultures look amazing and totally get the job done.  
  • Go Big: Art, like a wall canvas for example, is frequently purchased in too small a size for the room it’ll inhabit. The result is its failure to make an impact. A canvas that’s 40”x50” or bigger is going to fill out a wall and draw in the eyes much more than a 10”x20” piece.
  • Think Colors: Whether you go black & white, muted, pastel or otherwise, choose art with colors that’ll work for your space. Your art doesn’t have to match your existing décor, but it should complement it, juxtapose with it or otherwise add visual value.
  • Make a Statement: The art you display says something about you. What do you want to say about yourself? When you hang cool Bitcoin canvas art in your den, you’re telling your guests something specific and true to you. Sure, the art can just be for your own enjoyment, but it’s also a great opportunity to make a decisive statement.    
  • Light It Right: Art that’s hidden in a shadow, or otherwise viewing-compromised, is a waste. Generally speaking, your artwork should be lit at a 30-degree angle to reduce shadow and glare. Ceiling lights, tracking lights and picture lights can work wonders.
  • Love What You Buy: Impulse-buying art is usually not a great idea. You’re going to display your work for a long time. Make sure it’s a piece you MUST have. Savor each step of the process: search for the right piece, buy it, display it and enjoy it

Top Cryptocurrency Art Canvases

My search through the online space for quality crypto art has been far and wide.

It’s been a joy to find Bitcoin wall art, canvases that represent a variety of other cryptocurrencies, as well as crypto crafts in general.

Here are some of the best wall canvases I’ve come across:

1) Bitcoin & Ethereum | Sense Canvas

Make a bold and decisive statement with this eye-catching crypto canvas art. Iconic depictions of the Bitcoin and Ethereum symbols are sure to capture attention in any room they inhabit. Printed on 99% cotton, 1% polyester.


2) Monopoly Holding Bitcoin | CHXQZL Art

Blockchain tech meets old-school board game in this fun ode to a multitude of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. A fun, urban-graffiti background makes this crypto art painting an ideal piece for the design-forward home or office wall.


3) Bitcoin Money Gold | 4YouCanvas

This tech-forward Bitcoin canvas art dazzles in regal gold. The foreground, a gold Bitcoin, gives way to a circuitry-inspired background. Made from hand-stretched canvas over a spruce wood frame.


4) Bitcoin HODL | Awesometic

Let everyone know you have diamond hands and you’ll never sell your BTC with this sizzling Bitcoin canvas art. Featuring a gold Bitcoin gravitating towards an open hand. Made from hand-stretched canvas and a pinewood frame.


5) Money Rules the World | Epic Graffiti

A Bitcoin, embedded in the eye of a banknote, makes this evocative crypto art painting a sight for the eyes. Artist Andrea Haase Giclee is know for her indelible style. Made from archival grade canvas and stretched over solid wood bars.


6) Cardano Crypto Coin | Epic Art Store

Charles Hoskinson would be mighty proud to hang this Cardano-themed crypto canvas art on his living room wall. A modern, geometric style and a rich depth of color make this piece pop off the wall. Made from shatterproof acrylic glass for years of worry-free enjoyment.


7) Off to Space | Canvas Cultures

Bitcoin is on a moon mission and nothing depicts the adventure better than this striking crypto art painting. Artist David Clemmensen utilizes rich blacks and blues to convey his bold vision. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


8) Power Coins | Canvas Cultures

The power of Bitcoin has never been more illustriously represented than with this cool cryptocurrency art. Artist David Clemmensen proves that he knows how to artfully depict Satoshi’s dream. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


9) Bitcoin | Canvas Cultures

A lone Bitcoin rests against the backdrop of mind-bending blue psychedelia. It doesn’t take more than one look at this cryptocurrency art canvas to put your mind at ease. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


10) Buy the Dip | Canvas Cultures

What else is there to say? “Buy the Dip” captures the sentiment of the raging crypto bull market we all crave. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


11) I Am Ethereum | Canvas Cultures

A striking Ethereum wall canvas that would make even Vitalik Buterin proud. A great piece to honor arguably the most significant crypto in existence. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


12) Moonshot | Canvas Cultures

We’re all looking for out next moonshot. What better way to honor our desires than with this radiant gold and blue Bitcoin wall art? Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


13) Moon Rockin’ | Canvas Cultures

One of the strongest associations in the digital currency space is between crypto and the moon. As we all try to go interstellar with our investments, let’s honor the effort by hanging a stellar Bitcoin canvas in our favorite living environment. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


14) Hodl | Canvas Cultures

The term “hodl” first appeared in a crypto forum back in 2013. It was a misspelling of the word “hold”. As you can see from this piece, the term has caught fire. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


15) Hold Your Coins | Canvas Cultures

Crypto prices have the potential to appreciate over time. As such, should you hold your coins? Contemplate the question while eyeing this piece on your wall. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


16) To the Moon | Canvas Cultures

Ever since Elon Musk got behind Dogecoin, its popularity has skyrocketed. Artist Tyler Gary captures the intrigue and canine majesty of the DOGE narrative. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


17) Financial Wolf | Canvas Cultures

Jordan Belfort may not have gotten famous for trading crypto, but this epic piece certainly appeals to crypto enthusiasts. Played by Leonardo DiCaprio, here’s a chance to hang one of our greatest living actors on your wall. Featuring UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink and a gallery quality frame.


Final Thoughts on Cryptocurrency Art

We’re all looking for something of value, be it monetary, emotional or otherwise.

If you’re into crypto, then cryptocurrency art has the power to fulfill a psychological desire. It allows you to own something that actually means and represents something to you.

Consider bringing crypto paintings or other crypto arts and crafts into your home or office, or gift them to a loved one.

Take into consideration how much you’re spending, of course, but also think about how much value you or the recipient are gaining.

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