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By Raj

What can I say, I’m an addict for the best metaverse crypto projects. Particularly, the ones that demonstrate purpose, utility, gamification and of course, stunning visual style.

And you’ll be glad to know that there’s no shortage of them.

Long before Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg announced his company’s plan for a centralized metaverse, blockchain metaverse developers have been quietly working.

Their goal: to realize their own visions for a decentralized metaverse.

What is the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual world that mimics aspects of the physical world. It utilizes a variety of technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality.

It was the exceptional 2018 Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One that opened many of our eyes to what the metaverse could one day be. The film also gave us a clue as to how we might participate within in it.

However, the differences between a made-up movie metaverse, a centralized metaverse and a decentralized blockchain metaverse are notable.

What is a Decentralized Blockchain Metaverse

By those in the blockchain and crypto space, it’s generally assumed that blockchain, along with other emerging technologies, will play a key role in the creation of the metaverse.

But the fact is, an existing metaverse like Second Life has been around since 2003 and runs entirely blockchain-free.

As we move forward, the problem with excluding blockchain from the metaverse, and leaving it mostly in the hands of big tech, is that it won’t be a part of the coming Web3 revolution.

Web3 incorporates, in addition to blockchain, concepts like decentralization and token-based economies. These are elements that place the power in the hands of the user, not corporations.

Best Metaverse Crypto Projects  

That brings us to the top metaverse crypto projects. All are built on the blockchain and all, to one degree or another, are decentralized.

These metaverse cryptos are either in my personal portfolio, or I’m actively looking for entry points to add them.  

The Sandbox

The Sandbox (ticker: SAND) is a virtual metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain.

This mobile gaming platform was founded back in 2012, and in 2021, the founders Sebastian Borget and Arthur Madrid released a blockchain version.

In The Sandbox, players can do all kinds of things: construct 3D items like buildings and vehicles, create avatars to access various hubs, and fully monetize the gaming experience.

This project is notable for the attention it received during the 2021 crypto bull run. Around that time the company partnered with Snoop Dogg and plots of land were routinely selling for astronomical amounts.

The Sandbox is on a short list of the best metaverse crypto projects and is a long hold for me.



Decentraland (ticker: MANA) is an Ethereum-based virtual world where you can play games, participate in activities and purchase parcels of land.

On the parcels, you can build environments, stores and a variety of other applications.

This project offers ever-evolving worlds – everything from quaint villages to medieval dungeons, all crafted by community participants.

Decentraland was established by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich back in 2015 and the project is overseen by the Decentraland Foundation.

MANA is among the best metaverse coins and has been a very lucrative investment for those who got in early. Its long-term potential remains strong, as it’s a clear leader in the space.



ApeCoin (ticker: APE) is the native currency of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (APE) ecosystem.

It was created by Yuga Labs, which in addition to BAYC, is well known for its suite of other NFTs and digital collectibles.

Yuga Labs has recently branched out with Otherside, an in-the-works immersive metaverse platform.

Otherside revolves around digital communities and ownership opportunities afforded by blockchain technology. It boasts the ability to allow more than 10,000 players to interact with each other simultaneously.

The Otherside metaverse trailer is nothing short of impressive.

With the backing of Animoca Brands and a rabid fanbase, ApeCoin holds some serious promise for both fun, utility and financial gain.


Star Atlas

Star Atlas (ticker: ATLAS) is a space-themed, multiplayer gaming metaverse built on Solana, and it’s scale is impressive.

This “grand strategy” game not only involves space exploration, but also conquest of territory, political domination and living among the stars.

ATLAS serves as the native in-game currency within the Star Atlas ecosystem and can be used to buy ships, land, space stations and more.

You can earn ATLAS by mining or selling artifacts, but you can also buy it.


Somnium Space

Somnium Space (ticker: CUBE) is a virtual reality world built on blockchains including Ethereum and Solana.

This open-source platform allows users to buy digital land and homes, as well as a variety of other in-game assets.

As far as metaverses go, Somnium Space is one of the earliest movers in the market, giving it significant advantages when it comes to growth and user adoption.

It’s also a platform that’s dedicated to being democratic – it aims to build its own monetization and revenue-earning system. In other words, it’s truly decentralized and built for the people.

Somnium Space was founded by Artur Sychov, a long-time evangelist of virtual reality.


Wilder World

Wilder World (ticker: WILD) is a new metaverse from acclaimed sculpture and jewelry artist Frank Wilder.

You can think of Wilder World as an immersive NFT art gallery where everything is for sale: homes, car, shoes and more.

The Wilder World coin, WILD, allows you to participate in this richly detailed economy, and invest with the possibility of price appreciation.

One of the things that makes this metaverse stand out from many of the others is its photorealism. This element allows the visuals to really draw in the eye and capture the imagination.

Also, with its built-in artist guild, in which artists can network with like-minded individuals, Wilder World is certainly one of the top metaverse crypto projects out there.


RedFOX Labs

RedFOX Labs (ticker: RFOX) has big aspirations for it metaverse, including a fully immersive, VR-driven and entertainment experience that combines gaming, NFTs, e-commerce and more.

Its main focus is creating an immersive experience for shopping and retail via its RFOX VALT. As one of the top metaverse coins RFOX will be the primary payment method within the RFOX VALT.

RedFOX Labs was founded in 2018 by Ben Faribank, and entrepreneur and CX guru with a passion for Web3.

This is certainly a project to keep an eye on as we look to see who emerges as a leader in the blockchain metaverse space.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the best metaverse and gaming coins for my portfolio, I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket.

Rather, I want to buy a “basket” of different blockchain metaverse projects and allow time to see which ones continue to develop into something special.

Overall, the potential is there for all of the above, but patience, entry price and a risk management are key to success. These investments carry significant risk.

Disclaimer:The above is the writer’s opinion and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research and/or consult a financial advisor. Any actions taken based on the information above is at the reader’s own risk.

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