Best Crypto Stocks with Long Term Potential | Top 7

By Raj

I’ve been investing in stocks, in general, a lot longer than I’ve been investing in the best crypto stocks.

And I’ve been investing in crypto stocks before I even actually knew they were crypto stocks.

For example, I owned Nvidia back in the 2010s.

At the time, I didn’t know that their gaming chips, due to their performance and power efficiency, were actively being used by cryptocurrency miners to mine Bitcoin other digital currencies.

It also took me a while to realize Block (formerly Square), a stock which I also own, had started experimenting with crypto, within its Cash App, all the way back in 2014.

Of course, at the time, that endeavor didn’t really go anywhere.

But today, Block is increasingly leaning into the idea that Bitcoin and crypto are integral to global finance.

What Exactly Are Crypto Stocks?

Essentially, a cryptocurrency stock, or a blockchain stock, is any publicly traded security that has exposure to the crypto industry.

That exposure could be in the form of directly providing products and services to the crypto industry and/or crypto enthusiasts, like Nvidia and AMD do.

Or it could mean a company with crypto on its balance sheet, like Tesla or Microstrategy.

As such, when the crypto industry is in a boom cycle, these companies, along with their investors, enjoy all of the benefits of price appreciation.

Conversely, in a bust cycle, the companies and their investors feel the brunt of the depreciation.

These stocks can be great short term trades, but depending on your risk tolerance and stomach for volatility, they can also be great long term holds.   

Why Invest in Crypto Stocks?

As stock brokerage balances make up a large portion of my net worth (mostly from funneling wages into retirement accounts over the years), investing in crypto stocks is quite appealing to me.

I have plenty of direct exposure to cryptocurrencies that I self-custody in hardware wallets.

However, I also enjoy the safety and security of owning crypto stocks that are custodied by the brokerage firms where I have my IRAs and other accounts.

These stocks are easy to sell at any given moment, should I choose to.

Also, they offer an advantage over some cryptocurrencies when it comes time to report taxes on them, as the brokerage typically calculates the gain or loss for me.

I also strongly believe in the long-term growth trajectory of cryptocurrencies, as well as the metaverse, AR/VR and NFTs.

Further, I have a fairly high risk tolerance, so I like having some additional exposure to cryptocurrencies in my stock retirement portfolios.

The beauty of investing in crypto stocks like Nvidia or Block is that they’re not a pure play on crypto. They allow you some exposure without the full-on risk that comes with directly owning crypto.

That said crypto can cause wild swings in the revenue and earnings of publicly traded companies with crypto exposure.

As a result, the risk is still significant, and it’s best to assess each investment and manage risk tolerance appropriately.

Where to Buy Crypto Stocks?

You’ll find most crypto stocks on offer at the major brokerages.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately is that the older brokerage firms, like Vanguard and Schwab, have not done nearly enough to update their websites and app trading platforms to modern standards.

Plus, they typically don’t allow for investing in cryptocurrencies, making it inconvenient if you want to own both cryptos and stocks in one place.

That said, there are a couple of clean, modern brokerages who specialize in crypto that I like.

The first one is Robinhood, where you can start building your stock, crypto and crypto stock portfolio with as little as $1. They also give you the option to buy fractional shares.

I consider Robinhood to be one of the most friction-less and accessible brokerages/exchanges available, and simple to use if you’re new to stocks and crypto. 

The second one is M1 Finance, a platform that provides a unique blend of automated investing and portfolio customization.

It has several borrowing and spending features, and they just recently started offering automated cryptocurrency investing.

With its long-term investing focus, customized strategies and automation of the big picture of your finances, M1 is really a new model for brokerages that you should check out. 

Best Crypto Stocks

I currently own or soon plan to own the stocks of every name on this cryptocurrency stocks list. In a few instances, I’m simply waiting for entry points.


Coinbase (stock ticker: COIN) is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currency.

The company’s mission is to be the leading global brand for helping people convert in and out of their local currency into digital currency.

Coinbase has seen its success rise with the growing adoption of crypto and increase in crypto prices.

The company earns a small transaction fee each time a customer places a buy or sell order.

As one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency space, Coinbase has significant growth potential which may positively affect the stock price in the future.



Block (stock ticker: SQ) is a financial services company that provides hardware and software tools to help businesses grow.

These include Cash App, a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer money via an app.

And Square Card, a free business expense card connected to your square balance.

Spiral, on the other hand, is a new initiative under Block’s umbrella with a focus on Bitcoin.

And the mysteriously named “TBD” appears to be focused on developing a decentralized Bitcoin exchange.

With Jack Dorsey behind the wheel of it all, his official company title Block Head, Block is a name to keep an eye on. 



Nvidia (stock ticker: NVDA) designs and manufactures graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and cryptocurrency mining.

The company popularized the use of GPUs as a key component of PC architecture.

Nvidia also has a computer and networking segment that includes the company’s Data Center platform, systems for artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and accelerated computing.

Currently, the graphics segment is the company’s largest revenue generator.

Nvidia is led by one of the brightest minds in technology, Jensen Huang, which alone makes this one of the top blockchain stocks to put on your radar.  



Shopify (stock ticker: SHOP) is a complete commerce platform to start, grow and manage a business.

Merchants can build and customize an online store and sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, and in person.

The company allows Shopify merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency using Coinbase Commerce, Bitpay and several other payment methods.

As crypto adoption grows, Shopify’s forward-thinking attitude towards digital currencies can potentially help the company grow their revenues. In turn, this can raise stock prices.

This company has had an incredible growth story and it’s currently in my long portfolio.  



Robinhood (stock ticker: HOOD) is a fintech company that operates an online brokerage with commission-free trading.

It offers both web and mobile platforms, and allows users to invest in a wide range of investment products: stocks, options, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

The company makes money via payment for order flows, premium memberships, loans and other services.

During the recent crypto boom cycle, Robinhood saw a massive inflow of new customers.

The company has become popular with new and youthful investors, and with its stock price down in the current bear market environment, it may be worth looking into as an investment.


Marathon Digital

Marathon Digital (stock ticker: MARA) is a digital asset technology company and one of the most popular crypto mining stocks.

The company aims to build the largest cryptocurrency mining operation in North America at one of the lowest energy costs.

Currently, the company owns 2,060 advanced ASIC Bitcoin Miners (computerized hardware that mines digital currencies) and is on track to deploy 133,000 miners.

Marathon blockchain stock is one of the best crypto mining stocks to gain exposure to Bitcoin without having to deal with the complications of holding the asset directly.   


Silvergate Capital

Silvergate Capital (stock ticker: SI) is a leading provider of financial infrastructure to the cryptocurrency industry.

Its Silvergate Exchange Network enables digital currency and institutional investors, like FTX, to send USD and Euros 24/7, year-round to the accounts of other Silvergate clients.

This makes the company one of the key backbones of the settlement layer.

The bottom line is the company has many strategic efforts with larger banks to deepen crypto exposure.

This should all serve to expand the company’s partnerships and open new revenue streams in the future as the crypto space grows.  


Final Thoughts

You may choose to own Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to get investment exposure to cryptocurrencies.

However, owning some of the top blockchain stocks on offer can give you a different, and often more convenient way to invest in crypto.

You can sign up at Robinhood or M1 Finance to start investing today.

Disclaimer:The above is the writer’s opinion and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research and/or consult a financial advisor. Any actions taken based on the information above is at the reader’s own risk.

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