Best Crypto Seed Storage Devices | Top 6

By Raj

Crypto seed storage is one of the most critical considerations when it comes to owning cryptocurrencies.

You can secure your seed phrase (also known as a recovery phrase) and minimize the danger of your crypto being stolen with safe and proper storage.

This phrase is a series of words your cryptocurrency wallet generates. It gives you access to the crypto associated with your wallet.

It’s an all too common, but unfortunate practice, for crypto owners to write their crypto seed backup on a piece of paper and leave it somewhere unsafe.

Unsafe crypto seed storage is how you run the risk of losing everything. 

Think of it this way: your crypto wallet is a password manager for your crypto. And the seed phrase is a sequence of words that serves as the master password for your wallet.

Therefore, don’t allow your seed phrase to be lost or destroyed.

In my early crypto days, I was guilty of a variety of seed phrase storage “don’ts”, and I have since learned my lesson.

Crypto Seed Storage Don’ts

As you think about seed storage and what might be a good option for you, here are few things to avoid:

  • Don’t use paper alone as your crypto seed backup. It can be misplaced, destroyed or become the victim of things like fire, flood and humidity. Paper as a backup to another proper seed storage device (see below) is an option, if it’s kept in a safe or other secure place
  • Don’t store your seed phrase on an electronic device. Especially one connected to the internet. Hackers can infiltrate your device and sweep it for seed phrases. Also, malicious keylogger programs can automatically deliver your seed phrase to hackers.
  • Don’t use cloud storage like iCloud for your seed storage. Cloud storage is “hot storage” after all and though proven largely safe, there is still of risk of hack.
  • Don’t photograph your seed phrase. Certain technologies can scan digital photos and identify your phrase within the image.

What is a Crypto Seed Storage Device

A crypto seed backup device provides physical security to your seed phrase. Its primary purpose is to protect against the gradual decay of time, as well as natural disaster, such as flood or fire.

When considered in this light, it’s easy to see why a standard paper backup is not an ideal scenario.

Currently, one of the most inventive and secure ways to back up your crypto seed phrase is to permanently affix the words on metal, typically stainless steel.

Quite a few companies offer this type of device on which you engrave or stamp the steel with a tool. Or you slide seed word-engraved tiles into a metal cylinder. 

Then, you store your metal crypto seed storage device in a place where it won’t be lost or stolen.

If you do this, then you’ve taken a major step in protecting your seed phrase. 

What Kind of Crypto Seeds Do Metal Devices Hold

Most of the hardware and hot wallets in existence use the industry standard, open source, BIP39 protocol. This is an alphabetical word list of 2048 words.

The first word starts with an ‘A’ and corresponds with the number ‘0001’. The last word starts with a ‘Z’ and corresponds with the number ‘2048’. All the words in between correspond to a number.

Metal crypto seed backups are by-and-large designed to store BIP39 seed phrases.

Metal Crypto Seed Storage Devices

As a proponent of metal crypto seed storage, I’ve assembled a list of some of my favorite and well-reviewed devices.

All of these are from very respected manufacturers. Some have earned the stamp of approval from hardware wallet manufacturers like Ledger and Trezor, so there’s an extra level of trust and comfort.


crypto seed storage
Cryptotag Zeus from

This is a Dutch company with a strong bent towards cryptocurrency, blockchain and the positive influence the two have on the world.

They created the Zeus, a metal recovery phrase backup influenced by old engraving and aviation-style engineering. These influences are clear in the final product, which includes a hammer, punching letters, an anvil and center punches.

The Zeus is made from 6mm-thick titanium and built for punishment. This product is designed to store a BIP39 seed phrase and can store up to 24 recovery words.  


The BillfodL

crypto seed storage
The Billfodl from

This seed storage device is one tough mutha. This solid marine grade 316 stainless steel case stores and protects your BIP39 seed phrase with sturdiness and style.

Its setup and use is pretty simple. It comes with a pack of character tiles, with which you spell out the four letters of your recovery phrase.

Then, you slide them into the main unit. This area has labels above each slot so you know exactly where each one goes.

In addition to being fire and water resistant, the Billfodl device is designed to withstand shocks up to 1,000,000 volts.


Cryptosteel Capsule

There’s something about this crypto capsule that just oozes mystery and intrigue.

This device unscrews on one end and allows you to slide the first four letters of each seed word onto an inner core, each word spaced by a separator. Once all the letters are on, you simply place a fastener and bend the strap to hold the tiles.

Designed to resist extreme conditions, this 303 and 304 grade stainless steel capsule offers long lasting protection. It’s fireproof, shockproof and waterproof up to 150,000N pressure.


Keystone Tablet Plus

Like a work of fine art, this etched-in-steel, industrial modern device is ideal for storing the recovery phrase of your Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Unlike many other devices that hold the first four letters, this one is designed to hold all letters of a recovery word.

Made with 304 grade steel, the Keystone is waterproof, resistant to corrosion and built for a long, durable lifespan.  


Modernist style is on full display with the XSEED Pro. This secure and nearly indestructible private key backup, features a 6mm thick structure. It resists fire, water and even explosions.

To use, simply unlock the frame by turning a screw, open the frame, insert the first four letters of each recovery word and then re-lock the frame.

The XSEED Pro comes with steel storage, an engraver pen, aluminum seed and tamper-proof stickers.



This seed storage device converges beautifully at the juncture of form and function. This steel crypto seed storage wallet features a thick, CNC machined block and laser cut seed keys.

Ease of use is key here with a screw lock to access a letters slot and a high degree of simplicity to slide them into place.

BIP39 compatible, Vilo protects your seed from the bad guys: water, fire, acid and corrosion.


Final Thoughts on Crypto Seed Storage

Sometimes it feels like owning crypto couldn’t be any harder, riskier or more convoluted than it already it is.

But the act of keeping your crypto seed safe is one that is critical. You may or may not thank yourself later for doing it, but you certainly might kick yourself later if you don’t.

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