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By Raj

One of the best ways to make passive income in 2023 is affiliate marketing, and many crypto affiliate programs are paying juicy commissions to their affiliates.

For example, 101 Blockchains a leading blockchain training organization, pays up to 30% commission on each sale, which is substantial.

They have a 60-day cookie duration, which means if someone clicked on your link 59 days ago, but they only make the actual purchase tomorrow, you’ll still get the commission.

Add to that, their average 7-day affiliate commission is currently over $200.

This is just one example, out of dozens of opportunities, to make robust passive income in the blockchain affiliate marketing space.

It’s as easy as having or creating a platform from which to market products, signing up for a cryptocurrency affiliate program and getting your links.  

How to Use Links from Crypto Affiliate Programs

Affiliate links are special links provided to you by the affiliate programs that you join. The links contain your affiliate ID and create a cookie on a visitor’s browser when they visit.

Links are used to track purchases a customer makes during the cookie’s duration so that you can get paid.

If it sounds at all complicated, know that it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Once you have a link, there are numerous ways in which you can use it to start making passive income via:

  • Blog or Website: Long-form content on a crypto affiliate blog (learn to start one here) that’s SEO-optimized is a great way to attract visitors interested in your affiliate products. However, any website on which you can place an affiliate banner ad, or other type of ad, can work well granted the ad is relevant to your visitors.
  • Email: Link to affiliate products as part of your email marketing strategy. This is an opportunity to create targeted product content for an audience you already know is interested in what you have to offer.
  • Video Content: Mention products to your viewers in your YouTube or other video content and place the related affiliate link below the video in the description.
  • Social Media: Link to affiliate products via your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social channel accounts.
  • Open Publishing: Yup, I’m talking about Medium. Some people love it, some people hate it and wonder why you’d put your work on a platform you don’t own. Still, here’s evidence you can make a nice chunk of change using affiliate links on the platform.

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

Below are some of the most well-known and highest-paying affiliate marketing crypto programs available.

Qualifications to be accepted vary from program-to-program. However, if you apply and are declined, simply apply again when you have more web traffic, social followers, etc.

IRA Crypto Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is an industry-leading crypto IRA platform. It allows you to self-trade 60+ cryptocurrencies within your IRA, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company is partnered with BitGo, the world’s largest processor of Bitcoin, to secure your wallet in military grade, multi-key cold storage.

Bitcoin IRA Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $50 per order
  • Referral Window: Allow winning referrals from parent actions within 5 day(s), referrals from clicks within 30 days
  • Cookie Window: Locked 27 days after end of the month they are tracked


BitIRA is an industry leader in helping customers diversify their IRAs with cryptocurrency investments. The company manages the administrative aspects of your self-directed IRA, executes on purchases and sales, and secures your wallet with encrypted software and cold storage. BitIRA uses regulated exchanges and is registered with the U.S. government.

BitIRA Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $30 per qualified lead, 2% recurring sales commission 
  • Earning Potential: No limit cap


iTrustCapital allows you to invest in crypto, gold and silver using your IRA. They offer 24/7 investing with no setup fees and low transaction fees. Institutional-grade crypto custody is courtesy of Coinbase Custody and Fireblocks.

iTrustCapital Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $300 per eligible account funded
  • High Converting Offer: Your audience gets $100 for funding their account

Automated Trading Crypto Affiliate Programs


Coinrule empowers cryptocurrency traders with crypto trading bots not unlike what pro algorithmic traders and hedge funds use. You can set automated trades to catch rallies and avoid dips. Set Coinrule to send automated trading instructions to your favorite exchanges, like Binance.US, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.

Coinrule Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 20-30% per sale
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Monthly Subscription: Affiliates get 25% off for first 12 months, 30% off first annual subscription


Cryptohopper is a world-class automated trading bot. The platform lets you save time, trade 24/7, and automate your trading. Take advantage of a robust suite of tools, including DCA, Market-Making and Arbitrage.


Cryptohopper Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Earn 10-15% per sale, plus 50% over your referred affiliates earnings
  • Average Commission: $8.52 per sale


Bitsgap allows you to automate your crypto trading with powerful bots. Grid, DCA and futures trading bots allow you to take advantage of trading opportunities with varying risk/reward strategies. All your data is secured with high-end encryption.

Bitsgap Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 10 USDT from first purchase. 30% commission from all purchases
  • Cookie Window: 30 days

Education Crypto Affiliate Programs

101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains is a destination for boosting your blockchain expertise. They offer training certifications in Blockchain Architecture, NFT, Metaverse, and much more. Trusted by 40,000+ professionals, the company offers an engaging and interactive learning experience taught by pros with real-world experience.

101 Blockchains Annual Membership

101 Blockchains Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Up to 30% commission on each sale
  • Cookie Window: 60 days
  • Average Commission: 7-day affiliate commission is currently over $200


Coursera is a leading online course provider founded in 2012 by two Stanford computer science professors. They offer a range of crypto courses on subjects including Blockchain, Bitcoin and DeFi. Their professional certificates offer flexible, online training.

Coursera Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Baseline commissions between 15% – 45%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Average Commission: Payable for “strong performance”


Udemy is an online teaching and learning marketplace. They offer a number of crypto courses on subjects including Bitcoin, Trading, and Crypto Mining. Currently, the platform has more than 57 million students.

Udemy Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Up to 15% commission on each sale
  • Cookie Window: 7 days


edX allows you to learn from the world’s best institutions, including Harvard and MIT. They offer courses on subjects ranging from Bitcoin to blockchain fundamentals to fintech. Through online learning, edX empowers millions to unlock their potential.  

edX Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 5-10%
  • Cookie Window: 60 days

Exchange Crypto Affiliate Programs


Changelly allows you to purchase any crypto instantly. Its exchange offers Bitcoin, plus 200+ altcoins from which to choose. Unlike many traditional centralized exchanges, Changelly does not store cryptocurrencies and sends them to your wallet after the transaction.

Changelly Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Up to 50% RevShare on crypto exchanges/crypto purchase transactions
  • Cookie Window: 60 days


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy, sell and manage hundreds of cryptocurrencies safely and securely. The platform offers opportunities to earn interest on your crypto. Coinbase is used by over 108 million people. 

Coinbase Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 50% of your referee’s trading fees for the first 3 months
  • Cookie Window: 60 days


Coinmama is a crypto exchange where you can buy and sell crypto. It features fast-track verification and high spend limits. At Coinmama, you can start with as little as $50 and pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Coinmama Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 30% on referral’s purchases, for a lifetime bills itself as the world’s fastest and most secure crypto exchange. You can buy and sell more than 250 cryptocurrencies at true cost. also offers its own Visa card where you can enjoy 5% back on all your spending. Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 10%


Eightcap is an exchange that allows you to trade directly from TradingView charts into an Eightcap account. You can trade from a wide variety of financial instruments, including crypto, Forex, indices, and commodities. Eightcap has over 30 million users.

Eightcap Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 20-40%
  • Conversion Rate: 40%


Gemini is an exchange where you can buy, sell and store 100+ cryptocurrencies. With Gemini Staking, you can earn rewards on cryptos like Ethereum and Polygon. The Gemini Credit Card offers numerous incentives, including earning crypto rewards.

Gemini Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $25 for first trade
  • Cookie Window: 30 days


Kraken is a crypto exchange with 9M+ clients in 190+ countries. The platform gives you access to 185+ cryptocurrencies and you can get started with as little as $10. Kraken also has a Learn Center where you can get educated on all things crypto.

Kraken Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Earn 20% on traded revenue for 180 days


Kucoin is a robust crypto exchange with a large selection of altcoins that cannot typically be found on other exchanges. The platform caters to both novice and advanced investors in 200+ countries. Spot, margin, futures and bot trading are just some of the tools and services on offer.

Kucoin Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Up to a 50% commission lifetime rate

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an intuitive platform on which you can invest, borrow and spend. Featuring automated and deeply customizable investing, availability of a flexible line of credit, and a credit card through which you can earn 10% back. 

M1 Finance Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $50 initial funding, $70 qualified funding
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Limits: Capless commissions with no limit how much you can earn


Paxful is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin using 350+ payment methods. The company is on a mission to empower the unbanked and underbanked. Its marketplace is used by millions of people around the world.

Paxful Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 50% of escrow fee every time referee buys Bitcoin, 10% every time one of their referee’s buys Bitcoin.


Robinhood is on a mission to democratize finance for all. In addition to being an investment platform for stocks and crypto, they also offer educational resources and financial news. They offer a 1% match on their IRA.

Robinhood Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $5 for signup, $20 for funded account
  • Cookie Window: 7 days

Hard Wallet & Seed Storage Crypto Affiliate Programs


Arculus is a cold storage wallet solution for storing cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It’s made by CompSecure, a publicly traded leader in the fintech space. The Arculus Key Card supports the storage of numerous tokens, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Arculus Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: $20


Cryptosteel makes seed phrase backups that are waterproof, fireproof and shockproof. Via their products, they champion the decentralization of digital assets. Cryptosteel’s metal products are as design-forward, as they are secure.

Cryptosteel Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 10% pay-per-sale commission
  • Cookie Window: 30 days


Ellipal is a leader of air-gapped cold wallets for cryptocurrencies. Their products, including the Titan and Titan Mini, feature an anti-tamper security system. Both feature beautiful, ergonomic designs.

Ellipal Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 10% first 100 orders. Then 15%.


Keystone makes air-gapped hardware wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and 1000+ cryptos. Product options include Keystone Pro and Keystone Essential. Keystone wallets have been praised for their security, durability and ease-of-use.

Keystone Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days


Ledger is a leader in hardware wallet technology. Their products include the Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S Plus. Ledger also sells crypto seed storage devices made by other manufacturers.

Ledger Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 10%. More rewards and offers as partnership grows.


SecuX offers vault-grade security via its V20 Hardware Wallet. Their X-Seed line of seed phrase backups offer a robust and comprehensive solution. The SecuX Nifty allows NFT collectors to manage, store and show off their collections.

SecuX Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 15%


Trezor hardware wallets offer security for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Their Model T and Model One wallets offer robust features for crypto hodlers of all levels. The Trezor Suite app allows management of assets in a secure ecosystem.

Trezor Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 12-15%

Payment Gateway Crypto Affiliate Programs


Coingate helps merchants accept crypto payments. It allows you to buy 70+ cryptocurrencies straight to your wallet. It’s also a marketplace for a large selection of gift cards that you can buy with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Coingate Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 20% on gift cards
  • Cookie Window: 30 days


NOWPayments is a crypto gateway that helps businesses accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It can be easily integrated into CMS solutions like WooCommerce, Zencart and WHMCS. NOWPayments has low fees starting at .04%.

NOWPayments Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: Five levels, payout based on merchant turnover is a global cryptocurrency payments gateway. It allows for payments in both Bitcoin and altcoins. It’s 100% free and open source on GitHub, and has no monthly fee. Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Payout: 33.3% lifetime revenue share. 0.50% from each bitcoin/altcoin payment

Final Thoughts on Crypto Affiliate Programs

The outstanding affiliate marketing crypto opportunities above represent only some of the ways that you can monetize your online platform with crypto.

When you put in the effort, the potential is there to make part- or even full-time income.

Please leave any enticing blockchain affiliate programs not on this list in the comments below.  

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